Disinfectant water machine

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    What is the disinfectant generator?

    This is a kind of disinfectant generator. It uses a common salt to create a multi-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant. It doesn't use any harmful chemicals, just uses a completely natural electric salt. Very advanced technology, the main parts are made of titanium. The generator can generate disinfectant as needed. There is no need to buy all kinds of floor cleaners and disinfectants, just an ordinary salt is used as the raw material for on-demand production. Not only do you save money, but you also avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. This very effective broad spectrum disinfectant can be used to sanitize all household water storage tanks, drinking water, vegetable cleaning, pets, kitchen and bathroom floors.

    Disinfectant water machine

    All the Olansi disinfectant water machine that we have offered:

    Household Disinfectant Water Making Machine, Salt Water Disinfecting Machine, Disinfectant Liquid Making Machine, Disinfectant Maker Electrolyte Disinfectant Generator Dispenser Surface Disinfectant Spray, Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator, Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, Pristine Water Hypohome Disinfectant Generators for Home

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