160W Monocrystalline Solar Panel For Home Roof suppliers

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  1. Established in 2006, Jensys Power Technology Co., Limited is focusing on providing premium solar PV products and system solutions for global market. Our techniques solutions involve Solar Energy, Inverter Systems, Solar Hybrid Energy Systems etc. We experienced a rapid growth in the last ten years, now we grown to built up five production bases, solar modules production base over 450 staffs, registered capital 60 Million CNY.
    We successfully provided high quality solar products to the global market, the products of our company mainly consists of five categories: First category is Solar Panels, mainly including Monocrystalline PV module and Polycrystalline PV panel, Double-glass/ BIPV etc panels; Second category is Solar Charge Controllers, mainly including PWM and MPPT two types; Third category is Batteries, mainly including VRLA solar deep cycle series, gel series, front terminal series and opzv, opzs etc; Fourth category is Inverters, mainly including Pure sine wave inverter, hybrid solar inverter, off-grid three phase inverter& on-grid solar inverter etc; Fifth category is Solar Power System, mainly including Off-grid solar system, On-grid solar system & solar-wind hybrid system; Sixth category is System Accessories, mainly including pv array combiner box, pv cables wiring, connectors, tool &accessory etc. Seventh category is Solar Mounting Brackets, mainly including ground mounting, roof mounting & carport solar mounting etc; Eighth category is All-in-one Solar LED Street Lights, mainly including LiFePO4 Battery type and Ternary battery type etc; Ninth category is Wind turbine
    Our company ranks in passing the ISO9001 international quality system certification. We established a complete quality system ranging from material source, process, assembling to testing. Most of our products have been certified to meet international safety standards, such as CE, TUV, IEC, UL etc.
    After years we have developed as the solar PV and the complete PV system products leading supplier with strong competition and influence, our success has been built on proven product performance and reliability, state of the art technology and long term partnerships with key customers. Now we have major co-operative partners and agents including USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia etc from over 80 countries & regions.
    We committed to providing Smart Energy Solutions to worldwide customers.
    To be the foremost solutions provider and expert of affordable and reliable alternative energy products that creates access to solar energy and lighting solutions all over the world.
    To provide customers with the optimal solutions and best services, maximize customer’s investment value;
    To improve the efficiency of solar energy products, expand the use of solar energy as a clean energy, create a better living environment for our human-being.
    With the international advanced equipments and automated production lines, we have a combined capacity of 500MW of solar Cell and Solar Module. We are also the pioneer of using MES & ERP system in solar PV manufacturing.
    We are committed to the highest levels of consistent quality in all our products. From the order to after sales service, we always care about product quality and service quality. By strictly implementing quality management system, from materials testing and product certification, to manufacturing process and product shipment, we monitor & trace back every step to ensure quality promise.
    We are glad when our customers like our products and are happy with products purchased from us. We try our best to meet and even exceed customer/s expectations through the purchase and usage experience.
    All our products have one year standard warranty, some may get two to five years warranty depending on the product.
    We are a team of competent people who work together to meet our customers’ needs.
    We at Jensys Power are always available at the first time to respond to technical support or maintenance.
    160W Monocrystalline Solar Panel For Home Roof suppliers
  2. In addition to solar panels, electric transportation is now actively developing. And while electric cars no longer surprise anyone, solar powered motorcycle is a novelty in our market. For example, the Sweden-made Cake Kalk.

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