ACNH will contain a variety of different materials and plants

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    The massive 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons items: New Horizons will include a slew of new content in addition to returning characters, improved quality-of-life features, new activities, and other improvements. According to the announcement, a video shown today during the September Nintendo Direct revealed that the update will be available for download for free on November 5, according to the video shown today. Characters such as Brewster, the Roost café, and fan favorites like Katrina, Kapp'n, and Tortimer, will all be returning in an entirely new area, and players will have more options when it comes to decorating their homes and islands, as was previously hinted at.

    When visiting the Roost, players will have the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with Brewster, Animal Crossing items's very own brewmaster. Players will also be able to scan Amiibo cards in order to invite NPC residents to join them for a cup of coffee in the café, as well as invite other players to join them for a cup of coffee in the café. Captain Kapp'n will be one of those who will be returning. While transporting players across the ocean to a new mysterious island, Kapp'n will be singing his usual sea shanties, which will contain a variety of different materials and plants, as well as different seasons and times of day than the main island.

    At the same time, unlike Harv's island, which has a new area at its back end, the majority of the other returning characters will be entering through it. As soon as the player has contributed a sufficient amount of bells to various properties on the island, characters such as the hairdresser Harriet, the fortune-teller Katrina, the shoe seller Kicks, and the wallpaper salesman Sahara will establish permanent shops, allowing players to take advantage of the services they have to provide. To learn more about the game's world, players can speak with Tortimer, the former ACNH item town mayor, or have their furniture customized by the proprietors of Re-Tail (Reese and Cyrus).

    Gyroids, which were previously available as furniture in previous ACNH bell games, are also making a comeback in this installment of the franchise. Those seeds must now grow into a full-sized Gyroid, which can then be placed in a house and activated to produce a sound effect when the lights are turned on. In addition, the 2.0 update aims to address some of the quality-of-life concerns that have been raised by the community. Town ordinances, which allow players to control the level of activity on their island, are making a comeback in New Leaf after a brief absence in the previous game's sequel. A player's island will now have a maximum of ten bridges and inclines built on it, an increase from the previous limit of eight for each type of structure. As well, it is being upgraded to include the Pro Camera, which will allow players to take pictures from a first-person perspective while also including themselves in them by using the tripod mode on their Nook Phone.

    With the addition of the new locker furniture item, players will be able to access their home storage from any location on the island, making it easier for them to keep track of their belongings. Players will be able to gain access to areas that are too small to accommodate inclines comfortably by using a new tool, the ladder set-up kit, which will allow them to permanently install ladders on cliffs. This will allow them to gain access to areas that were previously inaccessible.

    In ACNH item: New Horizons, a villager can be seen riding on a boat with Kapp'n, who is the main character.

    There are more options for personalizing your home than ever before thanks to the new update. A new set of exterior styles for houses has been added, and players can now expand their storage space to hold up to 5,000 objects. As well as existing custom designs, Nook Miles can be used to purchase new furniture items as well as make modifications to existing custom designs. Players can now prepare food by harvesting ingredients and combining them in the same way they would normally create it through crafting, allowing them to save time and money.

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