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  1. What is the nameplate:
    Nameplate, as its name implies, it is an indicator used to make signs, on which text, pattern and other contents play a role of indicating direction and warning .common signs are public welfare signs, cultural signs, warning signs, mechanical signs ,etc.
    Common processes:
    high gloss(polishing),decay engraving, oxidation, wire drawing, laser engraving, electroplating, spraying, dot paint, enamel, baking paint, reflective, luminous printing and other processes.
    surface color: screen printing,4C offset printing, thermal transfer printing to complete the color effect, can print a variety of text, number, pattern.
    and other content.
    Related signs:
    Functions :
    1 、signs have the function of marking and warning, signs mainly show its function through vision. For example: text communication, symbols are symbolic, directional, suggestive and other functions.
    2、sign is a kind of information communication media, it has advertising, warning function.
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