Bailey Bridge Transom manufacturers

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  1. Specifications
    1 To support Bailey decking System
    2 To connect CB321 transom and panels
    3 Commonly used in steel bridge
    4 Bailey bridge
    It is composed by bars, hang beam and supporting stem to fix the beam.
    It comprises three parts as brace, hanging beam and supporting rod, used for fastening transom. On the brace top, there is a raised head, to be put into the nick of the transom pad while installing. One end of the hanging beam catches on the slotted hole of the truss montant, turn the supporting rod with push rod (or wrench) to press upon and fasten the transom. The transom bolt & nut may not bear too much upward load; therefore, while the transom is held by jig, no jacking is allowed to use under the transom.
    Company introduction
    Jiangsu Bailey Steel Bridge Co.,ltd. is one of the biggest specialized Steel bailey bridge manufacturers with leading manufacturing process for Steel bailey bridges in China, who has been engaging in this line for 20 years with an International Quality System Certification of ISO9001:2008 and as cooperation partner with the research institutions of the People's Liberation Army.
    Corporation Partner
    ChinaRailwayEngineeringCorporation (CREC), China State Construction Engineering Corporation,
    Nepal Ministry of Transportation, Cambodia Military, Burma Construction Department, Mongolia Construction Department and so on.Bailey Bridge Transom manufacturers

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