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  1. Our History
    Henan BOTAI chemical building materials Co.,Ltd, as one of the leading manufacturers in China which engaged in dry mortar admixtures’ production, we started with Cellulose Ethers and Redispersible Polymer Powder in 2008.
    Our Factory
    With time passed by, we have developed the capability with 20000Tons/year for HPMC/HEMC/MC, 10000Tons/Year for HEC, and 20000Tons/Year for RDP,20000Tons/Years for Calcium Formate. All the way here, we keep moving on by changing for clients.
    Our Product
    VINNATE® Redispersible Polymer Powder
    FORCA® Calcium Formate
    POLYFIBERTM Polypropylene Fiber
    Melamine/Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
    Product Application
    construction industry,latex paints,oilfield industry,cosmetic,food additives
    Our Certificate
    Production Market
    After more than 10years participation in international trading, our products has been widely approved by our customers in USA, UK, Brazil, India, Iran, Australia etc.
    Our service
    With mutual beneficial principle, we keep long-term and stable relationship with our customers. As reliable partner, we do further more than honest. Not only with providing stable quality, our final aim is to make benefit for all of our customers. Win-Win is the only healthy way to keep a long-term Polyester Fiber

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