China Disposable Microporous Coverall factory

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  1. Waterproof industrial coupler 63a 2P+E applies to construction sites requiring the female socket outlet can load 14Kw, but the price should be a little cheaper. This kind industrial connector socket 63A 3 Pin usually exports to Middle East and Southeast Asia.
    1.Production Introduction
    Disposable coveralls with hood is the most classic type of disposable coveralls. The hood of disposable coveralls is different from the general non woven disposable caps, because the edge of the hood is stitched with high elastic. In addition to the need to wear disposable non woven face mask, the function of the hood can protect the whole head very well, with a high level of protection.
    According to the needs of the continuous development of society, intelligent human beings design all-in-one protective clothing, which plays a huge role in bad situations or when it is necessary to protect the surrounding environment. Our disposable hooded coveralls can better reflect its advantages, because the lightweight and breathable fabric, to ensure that the staff in the wearing process does not affect the movement of the limbs.
    4.How to produce the microporous fabric?
    As we all know, the chemical name of non-woven fabric material is polypropylene, and non woven breathable membrane fabric is made by adding a layer of adhesive on the layer of polypropylene and adding another layer of film, after special treatment, breathable microporous film fabrics was born. Non woven breathable microporous fabric can also be made the following disposable products: disposable caps, disposable sleeve covers, disposable boots, disposable lab coat, disposable aprons, disposable pants,etc,.China Disposable Microporous Coverall factory

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