China ISO container

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  1. 1.Classification Society
    The container will be certified by classification society in design and individually during its production.
    The container will be constructed to be handled under the following conditions without distortion or effect on its structural integrity:
    A. Lifting full by its top corner castings by means of spreaders
    B. Lifting full by its bottom corner castings by means of fitting at a sling angle of 45 degrees.
    C. Lifting full or empty by forklift at its forklift pocket.
    1) Dimension
    External: length: 6058mm width: 2438mm height: 2591mm
    Internal: length: 5844mm width: 2352mm height: 2393mm
    2) Weight
    Max Gross Weight: 30480Kg
    Tare Weight: 2340 Kg
    Max Payload: 28140Kg
    3) Opening width: 2340mm height: 2280mm
    4) Cubic Capacity´╝Ü32.9m3
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