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  1. Steam Deck Oven(with steam)
    Steam pipe Pizza deck oven, baguette deck oven, Italian bread deck oven, Can be add stone, ideal for bakers baking baguette , Pizza and other breads. Restaurant, Hotel, kitchen necessary equipment. One solution for baking all kinds of breads, meat , cake and etc.
    Quick details
    Material of the frontmirror titanium stainless steel
    Thickness of the front, two sides, back1.0 MM, 1.2 MM, 1.2 MM
    Material of interior casingALCOSTA (food grade)
    Thickness of interior casing1.2 MM
    Baking temperature300℃(572°F)
    Working life8-10 years
    Lead time7 days
    *Luxurious and nice appearance is suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets and baking shops.
    *Each deck with Upside-down fire can be heated separately.
    *Electric oven with mesh arrangement makes the fire even, distributing heat evenly throughout for consistent baking and browning.
    *Compared with conventional electric oven, the gas one has high combustion efficiency and less gas consumption, saving the cost of power capacity increasing and distribution lines, economic and practical.
    *The front is used by mirror titanium stainless steel, there are also royal gold, silver and black colors can be chose.
    *Door allows unobstructed view of product being baked.
    *The front is made of high quality stainless steel, nice appearance and durable.
    *Increase the interior casing plate, and the temperature is more uniform; the thickened insulation saves more energy.
    *Thicken the whole plate, when heating the furnace will have no thermal deformation and hold the heat well.
    *Imported meter and electrical appliance make it safer and more durable.
    Optional configuration
    *Each deck can be separately installed the spray steam device to bake French baguette.
    *Lava Rock can be added to each deck to bake Pizza.
    Detailed photos
    Interior casingMeter control panel
    Computer control panel is optional.
    *Micro-computer controller with high precision and small error can control temperature accurately.

    *Apply microcomputer control pulse ignition and flame detector system, in case of lighting failure, flameout and gas using up etc, the mechanism turns off the gas valve in 0.45s automatically with light and sound alarm, safe and reliable.
    Gas Consumption Chart
    Item Model NumberKg/Hour(liquefied petroleum gas) M³/Hour (Nature Gas)
    1 Deck 2 trayBKR-20H0.35kg0.7
    2 Deck 4 tray BKR-40H0.75kg1.5
    3 Deck 6 trayBKR-60H1.0kg1.8
    3 Deck 9 tray BKR-90H1.2kg2.5
    2 Deck 4 tray baking + 8 trays proofing BKR-40HF0.75kg1.5
    5 trays Covenction OvenBKC-5Q0.25kg0.4
    8 trays Covenction Oven BKC-8Q0.35kg0.7
    12 Trays Rotatory Oven BKX-12Q2.8kg6
    16 Trays Rotatory Oven BKX-16Q3.5kg7.8
    32 Trays Rotatory Oven BKX-32Q5kg11
    64 Trays Rotatory Oven BKX-64Q6.2kg14Deck Oven manufacturers

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