earning NBA 2K22 Gym Rat Badge appears to be time-consuming

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  1. The pause menu will appear once you have started your MyCareer and reached the point where you are in your apartment and are able to venture out into The City for the first time. To access this menu, press the equivalent of the start button on your respective platform, which will bring up the pause screen.

    From there, you'll want to scroll down to the Quests tab by pressing R1 and then X on Quests in the area beneath the screen. Now, scroll down to the City Quests option and press X once more to reveal the list of City Quests on the right side of the screen. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page, where you will find the Gym Rat Quest, which you should choose to complete.

    During the first time you complete this quest, your goal will be to speak with a representative from Gatorade. If you want to do this, make sure you have the quest selected and then head to the Gatorade Gym by following the icon for it in The City.

    After speaking with the Gatorade representative, the real objective becomes clear: you must earn three stars on any workout in the Gatorade Gym 50 times in order to complete it. You'd think this wouldn't be too difficult, especially once you get the hang of the various workouts. But it is. Although you can complete the workouts in the Gatorade Gym as often as you want, there is a limit to how many times you can complete them in each of the five categories of Acceleration Speed Stamina Strength and Vertical.

    • After completing one workout from each of these categories, you will receive a temporary boost that will last for seven days, after which you will be barred from completing any of those pieces of training again
    • As a result, you would expect it to take 10 weeks if you could only achieve five three-star finishes per week, with the likelihood of it taking less time if you achieved less than three stars on a workout being higher
    • A workaround to obtain the Gym Rat Badge much more quickly in 2K22 MT Coins is available, and it will allow you to continue training and accumulating points until you reach 50 with no maximum number of attempts
    • This workaround can be found right inside the Gatorade Gym

    A sign that says Gatorade Sports Science Institute can be found in the middle of the back of the gym, right in the middle of the back of the gym. Unlike the other workouts in the gym, this one only allows one player to complete it at a time, so you may have to wait a little longer than you would expect.

    You must move the left analog stick and right analog stick in specific directions at a fast enough pace to complete the workout. The workout is fairly straightforward. Making it all the way up to 16 points should earn you three stars, which you can use to continue working your way up to the 50 points you require.

    After you've finished this workout, you'll actually walk over to the side of the room and complete another exercise that will test your reflexes and eye coordination in order to earn Gatorade discounts later on in the video game. You only need to be concerned about doing this the first time if you perform horribly the first few times.

    After that, just keep lining up and repeating the first workout until you've established a rhythm in which you can earn three stars every time. The length of time it will take will be determined by how many other players are attempting to do the same thing as you and how successful you are in obtaining three stars.

    As soon as you reach the milestone of 50 completed workouts with a 3 star rating, you will be awarded the extremely useful Gym Rat Badge in NBA 22 MT. There are many new features in buy NBA 22 MT, but there are also some that are returning, such as the extremely useful Gym Rat Badge, which can be obtained in a much quicker manner than you might expect.

    The Gym Rat Badge is extremely beneficial because it eliminates the need to visit the in-game gym on a weekly basis in order to gain stat boosts for your character. Instead, you can simply equip the Gym Rat Badge and you'll be good to go each week. At first glance, earning the Gym Rat Badge appears to be a time-consuming process that requires you to wait a long time to complete. However, there is a way to earn it much more quickly, which we will discuss with you today. Although it is not particularly difficult to figure out how to obtain the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22 on the next-generation consoles, knowing how to do so quickly is another matter entirely.

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