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WARHOLIC | Aug 28, 2017
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    ForgeHub is proud to announce the 2v2 Throwdown Tournament with a $1000 total prize pool on the line. This is the first tournament we've hosted since 2012 and will featuring maps created by the ForgeHub community. This marks the beginning of many events to come in the future where tournaments will be hosted using top maps from Forge contests. We envision a future in which the Forge community and competitive community support each other with their respective talents and bond over their shared passion for Halo.

    For this tournament, we've selected a few of our favorite 2v2 maps made by some of the most notorious designers on ForgeHub. While we're presenting a wide variety of experiences to players through the diversity of our map pool, we wanted to provide some familiarity as well, so we've included one of the community's favorite remakes. Sanctuary is one of the most iconic maps in the franchise and we thought it would stand out in this setting as its the only map in our pool that will support capture the flag. This map pool casts a wide range of interesting engagements that will keep players moving, learning and strategizing.

    BattlePro is a new project created by ForgeHub's admin and owner, Nicholas Alexander (Warholic). We're pleased to utilize the software for the first time and hope that you enjoy your experience. Please note that the platform is currently in beta. In the event that you find yourself unable to perform certain tasks please contact our staff and let us know so we can resolve them as soon as possible.

    1st Place: $600
    2nd Place: $300
    3rd Place: $100

    - 25 Kills To Win
    - No Radar
    - Time Limit: 10 Minutes

    - Official ForgeHub gametypes can be found on the “ForgeHub LIVE” gamertag.

    Arcanum - Aerocrest - Storm Peaks

    BEST OF 5 MAPS (Finals)
    Aerocrest - Arcanum - High Guard - Sanctuary - Storm Peaks


    Saturday, September 2nd

    1PM EST - 10AM PST

    1AM EST - 10PM PST

    Sept 2nd at 1PM EST

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