How To Sew In A 360 Lace Front Wigs

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  1. 360 Wigs is becoming more popular and the necessary accessory of people, especially women. However, besides knowing about the human hair wig, have you ever wondered how to make 360 lace frontal sew in?

    How to sew in a 360 lace front wigs?
    Prepare the lace piece
    Before sewing in the hair in the 360 Lace Wig, people use a piece of soft 360 lace that matches the hair color the customer wants to design. Silk and fine cotton are used to cushion the top of the head. Then, they will sew the gaskets and mesh together into a single block. A white ribbon is inserted into the proper position to link them together to create a wig cap.

    Furthermore, the design paper is carefully placed on a wooden model with a human head. And then, they put the hat frame on top. When this paper is located neatly under the mesh cap, it is very convenient for observation, facilitating the knot easier. The inner lining of the hat is connected by stitching into galloon silk ribbons. Good 360 Lace Frontal quality is the same color as the net frame.

    How long does a 360 lace frontal sew in last?
    The 360 Lace Front Wigs is usually made of a suitable material, so you can use it without worrying about product durability. Regularly, you can use this product until you want to change your wig.

    Moreover, if your wig is made from real hair, you can be completely confident about the durability of the product. However, this product line is often priced higher than other types, because it is meticulously processed by hand instead of mass machines like other wig product lines. Workers will take a lot of time to create a perfect wig product with 360 lace frontal sew-in.

    Besides, most natural hair wigs are handmade. The weaver must go through many complex stages to create a finished product. From the design stage to the step of forming the wig cap, then moving on to the hair weave section. Workers spend a lot of time sitting meticulously to knit each strand of hair on the wig cap, then dye and style. Therefore, the price of this type of hair is quite high, so picky users.

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