How to train your fat burning system to burn fat

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  1. Conclusions/Differences: Michael Pauline said this brilliantly about our bodies: "Eat, don't overeat, mostly protetox dietary supplement, exercise moderately to enjoy the senses. It's easier said than done! I'd like to ask for your advice...

    After Dr. Phil Maffeton's two-week test and my Resolution Revolution post about his diet and exercise philosophy, friends who read Phil's book realized how his approach would change their lives. I commented on how I changed it to


    A personal story: Phil told our team a few years ago that many people took his two-week test (to detect carbohydrate intolerance and relearn eating habits instead of dieting). ) and have seen weight loss, increased vitality, and in some cases dramatic improvements in chronic health problems. Protetox supplement changed people's lives. Phil casually warned that our company's birth rate is going up! What he's looking forward to after telling the audience about his diet and exercise philosophies...Of course, many babies were born in the space of 12 months and happy parents (including twins) .

    To burn fat, you have to train your fat burning system….

    The fuel required is...

    Healthy fats! Complex carbohydrates include all low-glycemic vegetables and fruits (see Phil's book for a list; grapefruit is better than oranges, for example), as well as foods such as wild-caught salmon and grass-fed his beef. Protetox dietary supplement contains high quality protein. A healthy fat profile rich in CLA and balanced in Omega 3 and Omega 6 (we love buffalo meat - grass fed is high in all the fats currently proven to promote health). , less disease-related fat).And everything we eat is organic. Avoid sugar, corn syrup, flour-based products, and all unclean fats (artificial, chemically processed, hydrogenated, and polyunsaturated). We usually use olive oil, but if you often cook on high heat, use coconut oil to reduce free radicals.

    After three weeks of regular training with him in my zone, I noticed my legs were moving faster and my heart rate was already up. Over the next three weeks, he continued to adjust his workload settings to nine. ... wow, keep your heart rate in range. (Then I hit the desert. 10 pedals on the elliptical was exhausting!) In other words, I kept increasing the load as each level of the elliptical got easier. I'm within my optimal heart rate range! My cardio system is becoming more efficient, which makes desert activities more enjoyable!

    This is my hiking experience staying in my optimal zone. At first, I had to climb the mountain very slowly so as not to exceed my maximum aerobic heart rate. People approached me - and it was a bit of a stretch for my ego, even though I kept checking the monitors on my watch. Some have noticed that they do.

    I have made remarkable and steady progress over the past few weeks with protetox supplements. On the hill I was able to cover the same stretches in less time! On the elliptical trainer I was able to push harder at the same time! Dr. Maffetone's athletes changed their training and began to outperform their previous results when they put their all into it. I also love that I took the time to build my cardio base first.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this - a protetox dietary supplement a great investment in your physical health and well-being - and it did it for me. Burn more fat or more sugar It's important to know if you're training your body for!


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