Magnet Rotor factory

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  1. Place of Origin:Anhui, China (Mainland)
    Model Number:ZOU07000250-0800
    Type:rotor and stator
    Material:Cold Rolled Sheet, Silicon Steel
    Size:Customization, based on the customers' requirements
    Applications:Industrial Machinary/Household Appliances
    Degree of Precision:±0.01mm or as requirements
    Specific details;The company experienced years of manufacturing and magnetic plastic mold of the production,testing equipment and excellent professional team ,successfully developed the field of injection molding machine and injection mold to achieve magnetic orientation ,ferrite and NdFeB injection axial ,radial ,and multipolar orientation to complex conjunction .The main production of magnetic products ,plastic products ,magnetic rotor ,magnetic optical components of the development and sales of magnetic field ,injection molding equipment ,leectromechanical equipment ,magnetic orientation mold development and manufacturing ,and other plastic products of various specifications . Products are widely used in stepper motors ,DC motors ,instruments .meters ,automobiles ,office automation and daily life in all fields .Sold at home and abroad ,high-quality products to win customers’ praise .Magnet Rotor factory

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