Optic Gaming Exits Competitive Halo

WARHOLIC | Mar 11, 2018
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    After a period of analysis and internal discussion, OpTic Gaming has come to a difficult decision: we are exiting competitive Halo.
    As the esports industry’s landscape is rapidly changing, so too must we constantly evaluate our business strategies against it. We are, of course, justifiably proud of our players’ accomplishments – whether it be gold at the 2017 Halo World Championships and Dreamhack Denver, or the weekly NA 2K Series Cups, and the unprecedented tenure they collectively boast as a team. But as our agenda evolves, we find that our paths must now diverge.

    Our nearly half a decade long journey through the Halo esports scene was an electrifying experience, and we are humbly grateful for the fans that have supported us along the way. Going forward, we will build upon the foundation set by our experiences, following the blueprint that distinguishes us as a leading esports organization and one you continue to be proud to represent.

    Thank you.


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