Plastic Fly Swatter Insect Racket

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  1. Our History
    Huangyan Lvqing Plastics Factory was established in 2000, located in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, which is known well as "Town of Moulds". At first we were just a small factory focused on the production of fly swatters. After 16 years' development, Taizhou Huangyan Jinguan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. And Taizhou Yanqun Import & Export Co., Ltd. Which specialize in foreign trade market development was established. After 19 years' development, the factory covers an area of 2357.6 square meters and has become an excellent product supplier in the plastic products industry.

    Our Factory
    Huangyan Travel Plastics Factory was founded in 2000, covering an area of 2357.6 square meters which taking "travel with good mood " as product conception. Our factory have specialized in producing and developing a series of collecting products for 19 years, and formed five product systems: collecting boxes, shelves, garbage cans, fly swatters and sealed cans. Besides, Our factory have been supplying products to foreign trade companies in Ningbo, Yiwu and some website such as ALi-Express, Amazon stores for many years. Now there are 37 full-time workers, 12 members of senior staff which experience more than 10 years in this field and 2 technicians,10 full-automatic injection molding machines,more than 100 sets molds. Our factory has established three brands named "Lvqing" ,"Olive Leaf"and "Jinchengxin". We believe Professional sales team, mature factory management system and customized service could bring continuous profits to you in the future.
    Our Product
    Huangyan Travel Plastics Factory specializes in the production and research the development of plastic household items. After 19 years of development, the company has developed 12 kinds of desktop storage boxes, 17 kinds of shelves, 8 kinds of storage boxes, 11 kinds of garbage bins, 53 kinds of fly swatter, 25 kinds of sealed cans, 4 kinds of drain baskets, besides , products include foot bath barrel and toothbrush holder. In addition, our factory invest 1 million R&D expenses every year. It can believed many product lines will bring you good profit.
    Product Application
    Huangyan Lvqing Plastics Factory specializes in the production of plastic household items. It can be used in bedroom, kitchen and office. The desktop storage box is suitable for the storage of cosmetics, paper, stationery and sewing supplies. Shelf is great for kitchen implements, tools, plants, toiletries, office supplies. Storage box could provide a simple and fashionable solution to today's office, home, or dorm space, and meet buyer' storage needs,mainly used in clothes, toys, quilts, etc. Garbage bins are mainly used for the recycling of garbage, it can prevent bacterial growth and cross-infection; fly swatter can be used to kill large insects such as flies, cattle, cockroaches, and wasps.
    Our Certificate
    Huangyan Lvqing Plastics Factory owns three brands of "Travel", "Olive Leaf" and "Golden Orange", seven products design patents, and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.
    Production Equipment
    We have 10 sets injection machines from 100T to 800T, including 7 sets of Haitian machines and 3 sets of Zhenxiong machines. The automatic assembly line has been installed in the factory, with an annual production capacity of 30 million.
    Production Market
    In addition to the domestic market, our main markets are the Middle East, South America, Australia and Europe, with the Middle East accounting for 25%, South America accounting for 30%, Australia accounting for 25% and Europe accounting for 10%.
    Our Service
    In order to guarantee the quality of our services, Huangyan Lvqing Plastics Factory has made the following provisions: First, 100% guarantee the time of arrange the production and delivery before the contract is signed and then inform the customer. Second, when produce first article must contact the customer to check. After the customer confirms that there is no problem, the production will continue, and the quality of the product will be checked by the injection molding workers. 3. When starting pack, take photos and contact the customer to confirm whether the packaging is correct. If there is no problem, packaging workers continue to pack, and check the quality. 4. After mass production were finished, factory manager leads the team to check the product quality, and takes a photo of the goods for the customer confirm. If no problem, factory will ready to ship out goods.Plastic Fly Swatter Insect Racket

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