Sheet Steel Fabrication suppliers

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  1. We are a steel fabrication specialist started in 1992, and we have over 120 employees with total production area of 10, 000square meters.
    We specialize in steel related fabrication including bending, stamping, laser cutting, laser punching, CNC & welding.
    To deliver qualified goods to our customers, we take strict production control for each production shift, and we provide product warranty for all of our deliveries.
    Our Strength
    1. Competitive price
    2. Strong R & D team
    3. In-house tooling design
    4. Production process control management
    5. Experience in different surface treatment
    6. Experienced in all kinds of steel fabrication
    7. In-house test to verify mass production quality.
    8. Traceability of production shift and raw material.
    9. Implementation of continuous improvement covering production, sales and customer service.
    Our Factory
    1. 10, 000 square production area
    2. Total Sale Turnover 7.5million USD
    3. R & D Engineer: 4
    4. Production Engineer: 4
    5. Quality Engineer: 6
    6. International Sales: 6
    Sheet Metal Machining
    Sheet Metal Machining workshop
    Sheet Metal Fabrication Workshop
    Sheet Metal Machining Factory
    Stamping Parts Factory
    Sheet Metal Fabrication Factory
    Manual Welding Workshop
    Bend Pipe Production
    Bending Machine Processing
    Sheet Metal Fabrication Processing
    Sheet Metal Fabrication Drilling
    Sheet Metal Stamping Workshop
    Our Product Range
    1. Wood Connector
    2. Dock Hinge
    3. Trailer Clamp
    4. Sheet Metal Parts (textile machinery, fitness equipment, medical equipment)
    5. Sheet Metal Fabrication (weldment, chassis, enclosure)
    Product Application
    1. Wood Connector (building and construction)
    2. Dock Hinge (dock construction)
    3. Trailer Clamp (trucking industry)
    4. Sheet Metal Parts (furniture, textile machinery, fitness equipment, medical equipment)
    5. Sheet Metal Fabrication (weldment, chassis, enclosure for machinery, car and solar industry)
    Production Equipment
    1. TruLaser 3030 (1500x3000mm; Max thickness: 20mm)
    2. TruPunch 1000 (2500x1250mm, Max thickness: 6.4mm)
    3. AccurPress (Max Length: 4000mm)
    4. CNC DA52 Press Brake (Max Length: 3200mm, Open Height: 380mm; Throat Depth: 320mm)
    5. Hydraulic Punching Machine (60-160Ton)
    6. 3D Welding Table
    7. Riveting Machine
    8. AC/DC Pulsed TIG Welding Machine
    9. MAG Welding Machine
    10. Welding Robot (Panasonic)
    Sheet Metal Punching Equipment
    Laser Punching Equipment
    Laser Cutting Equipment
    Bending Machine
    Sheet Metal Drilling Equipment
    Punching Equipment
    Production Market
    Our Services
    Before Sales
    1. Competitive Price
    2. Clear Technical Specification Including Tooling
    3. Clear Notification of Leadtime Covering Production and Transportation
    4. Follow-up Product Development Issues
    5. Accurate Price Indication: Exwork+Sea Transportation+Import Duty+Inland Transportation at Overseas Market
    During Sales
    1. Strict Production Control
    2. Update Production Status
    3. Update Shipment Status
    4. On-time delivery
    5. Quality Warranty
    After Sales
    1. Quick Response to Customer's Feedback
    2. Full responsibility to Shipment's QualitySheet Steel Fabrication suppliers

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