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  1. With our season launch flying at us, we had a few changes and additions come our way. For starters we had a few player how were not able to take on they're previous roles of team captains. The were all skilled players in they're own right and will be missed. So that left us a with some a big shoes to fill. None the less the show must go on. Within a day we had people slamming our twitter inboxes asking to take on the positions. Without further adieu the spots filled up quick!

    First we would like to welcome back the Minnesota predators! Since our Wisconsin Fury team went to the Detroit Overdrive. The Predators will be led by Floppie, a Halo sweetheart. We welcome him on as the team captain.

    St Louis lost a great player, unfortunately impulsion will not be able to continue on as team captain. Squallaye will be taking his spot. He is Battle7ested and ready to go.

    Houston has a new team captain as well. Mynx will be taking over for Taulek. She has big shoes to fill but if anyone can do it, she can.

    Hoaxfactor will be taking over for Colek in the Atlanta Zenith. Atlanta has so much talent. We look forward to seeing what Hoax has to bring to the table.

    Also with our expansion teams in place we would like to welcome
    -Vulcan team captain of Kansas City
    -xPaulshi in Seattle Washington
    -Jaxx the goat in DMV
    -Rob the Turtle in New York
    -My Tails in Chicago
    -Randa Columbus Ohio

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