What Popular Relationship Advice Books Won't Tell You

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  1. Have you carefully considered the selection of the "His Secret Obsession" communication books? You know, the kind you see filling the shelves of local Barnes and Nobles?

    I have. I had a good read one day. And you know? In my humble opinion, only one in a hundred is worth printing paper.

    His Secret Obsession made me thinkā€¦ how come there are not so many good tips in all these communication books? Because if I did not know better and really followed the advice I found, I would not miss the kind of relationship I really wanted, but I would have been stuck in a kind of "purgatory" relationship for months (and maybe years) while searching my soul is the answer. I have seen this happen.

    After thinking about it for a while, I came to my senses. They do not really want to help us! Most of these books are for sale. And they do it by creating a theory about cute pets, wrapped in catchy titles.

    Add a writer with a half alphabet behind his name ... put a phrase that sounds familiar from common suspicions and voila! Another hot seller.

    If I'm a little sarcastic, I'm sorry. But the lack of real advice I found was a surprise. But before I get it wrong, some titles came out that were really wise in the His Secret Obsession book.

    Unfortunately, none of them did it all and told the full story of how to have a good relationship.

    In my opinion, most popular relationship books are really based on a single idea (then supplemented content was pasted), so I thought I'd give you a secret to a deadly relationship that I have not shared anywhere else. where.

    This secret was responsible for shortening almost every small disagreement I had with my friends. You know the polite, silly and annoying little arguments that pop up and stick in your brain.

    It's so simple that I can not believe I have never heard it before. But after reading this secret (and no, it was not in the regular relationship counseling book). The quality of our communication has improved significantly.

    In fact, my friend told me that no one else had done this to him and he loved me even more that I could do it.

    But before I tell you what that is, there is another issue with most communication books on the market today.

    The problem is that most of them are written by academic writers. Now I have no problem with the higher degree. But I'm not writing about the idea that having a combination of letters behind your name allows you to give world-class advice.

    Again, this is not an attack on all writers. Because there are exceptions that combine secular experience and book study. However, they are rare.

    Anyway, I will share this secret ...

    Very simple. I promised my daughter that if I did or said something that upset her, she could talk to me and I would never do it again. Now that does not mean I will let him tell me that I can not enjoy beer or watch football. I'm talking about small things.

    For example, I left my glasses on the counter. It bothered him (I'm not sure why - but it was) but because I accepted the promise that I would never do it again.

    Believe me, without these little ups and downs in our relationship, we would be happier together. And of course, the promise is on both sides.

    Try it for yourself. I promise this advice alone is worth more than the pretty pants communication book you can get from a bookstore for $ 39.

    If you insist on keeping your "relationship tips", I will summarize the great tips you will find in His Secret Obsession. When you boil, most books emerge. When you have a relationship problem, end the relationship for 30 days and "work with yourself first".

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