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  1. 1. Product introduction
    ● C003_358_6401V45C1 is a multifunctional DLP main board, support DLP® .45 720P.
    ● C003_358_6401V45C1 support HDMI, USB, Air Play,SD,WIFI,AV,VGA,RJ4 input, earphone audio output is also available
    ● C003_358_6401V45C1’s PSU part is external power input, support single 19V DC input.
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    2. Product parameter
    3. Product feature and application
    ● High brightness which can reach 500LM
    ● dual HDMI source which eliminate the trouble of customer for changing lines
    ● dual USB port makes it more convenient

    4. Product details
    ● RJ45 port connect with Internet data cable, you can enjoy surfing the internet in high speed
    ● Real-time dynamic monitoring of temperature to ensure machine noise while reducing machine noise
    ● Can be used for business projector
    5. FAQ
    Q: This main board is which solution?
    A: 358+6401,Point 45 solution,450LM
    Q: What is the resolution of the projector motherboard?
    A: This DLP main board resolution is 1280*720.
    Q: How large the panel size is? With this projector mother board?
    A: It is 0.45 inch.
    Q: For OSD language, except for Chinese and English, are there any other language we can choose?
    A: Yes, our OSD language can do Chinese, English, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Russian and other language which is over 20 kinds optional.
    Q: Can this projector main board use for commercial-use after being made into a finished product
    A: Yes, it can.wholesale DLP Projector Motherboard

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