Yarn Dyeing Machine manufacturers

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  1. Hank yarn dyeing machine Introduction
    The box Hank yarn dyeing machine is currently the more advanced hank dyeing equipment, which not only has high yield, good quality, save dyes, simple operation, but also have a wide range of uses, versatility features, you can be a variety of fabric dyeing such as wool, cotton, silk, rayon and blended yarn, etc., can also be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the user made the transformation to meet the needs of the user hank length, and before and after the treatment can be carried out within the device.

    Standard Structure
    1. Body and dye all contact parts are made of high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel bellows
    2. Stainless steel mechanical seal device has a high efficiency axial flow
    3. Available in two sets of finishing seamless steel hanging rod made of yarn
    4. Spoiler makes the machine cycle dye evenly
    5. Equipped with high quality stainless steel feed pump
    6. Feeding bottled stirring, feeding, kick back and liquid cleaning device (without stirring Y-200 or less)
    7. Safe and convenient sampling device
    8. The use of high quality imported valves, fittings and electrical componentsYarn Dyeing Machine manufacturers

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