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This has been quite a long ride, but I hope it will be worth it for all of you. My goal for this tournament was to take passionate people focused on solutions and help them create the same "Halo" feeling that was described so wholeheartedly. The beginning road was paved by HeX as our lead tester and project originator. Enter Soul with our means to an end as settings author and forger liason. Throw in your members of the community creating quality maps at the drop of a hat, and you have a recipe for a spectacular showdown any spartan can enjoy. If you have any questions or comments on how anything works or how we can improve this experience, let me know! I'll admit that this is the first tournament I've had full involvement with start to finish, and I dont want that to affect what will be an amazing event.

Forge on!

Team Slayer: 50 Kills, 15 Minutes
3-Flag: 3 Captures, 30 Minutes
5-Flag: 5 Captures, 30 Minutes
Oddball*: 200 Points, 15 Minutes
King of the Hill: 200 Points, 15 Minutes

*due to a waypoint error, oddball isnt shown, but can be found through the in game browser in HeX Reapers files.

Shield Percentage: 70%
Health Percentage: 150%
Melee Damage: 110%
Grenade Explosion Radius: 70%
Motion Sensor: Off
All Spartan Abilities: Off
Movement Speed: 110%
Movement Speed (Carrier): 80%
Forward Acceleration: 130%
Strafe Acceleration: 130%
Sprint: Off
Jump Height: 120%
Clamber: Off
Jump Gravity: 110%

(Tier 1)
Magnum: 30 Seconds, Disturbance, 1 Spare
Frag Grenade: 30 Seconds, Disturbance
Plasma Grenade: 30 Seconds, Disturbance

(Tier 2)
Sentinel Beam: 90 Seconds, Static, 50% Energy
Scattershot: 90 Seconds, Static, 0 Spare
Active Camo: 120 Seconds, Static, Instant Activation
Overshield: 120 Seconds, Static, Instant Activation

(Tier 3)
Sniper Rifle: 150 Seconds, Static, 1 Spare
Dual Snipers: 120 Seconds, Static, 0 Spare
Rocket Launcher: 180 Seconds, Static, 1 Spare
Grenade Launcher: 120 Seconds, Static, 2 Spare

Overtime: None

Slayer Respawn Time: 5 seconds
Objective Respawn Time: 10 seconds

CTF Flag Reset Time: 15 seconds
CTF Flag Return Time: Flat 3 seconds
CTF Flag Spotting: None

First Ball Spawn Time: 5 seconds
Ball Melee to Kill: 2 hits

Hill Rotation Period: 2 minutes

Magnums Spawns with a pair of grenades, Each map has:
2 magnums with frag grenades
2 magnums with plasma grenades​

Map Power Weapon Limit: 4

Power-Ups Pick Up Type: Instant

Only Tier 3 weapons are on weapon pads
Non Tier 3 weapons are on the ground

It should be noted that there will be additional prizing for players who submit clips of the tournament and are jundged to have the best ones. Should you win for in any of the following catagories you will win an additional 5 dollars. The catagories are:

Best Snipe
Craziest Comeback
Best Stick
Best Epic Fail
Best MultiKill
Please only one submission per catagory per person. The dead line for submissions of these clips will be the August 15th at 11:59 pm. The winners will be chosen and shown in the Forgehub announcements. Oh, and you will get the 5 bucks.


Signups end August 9th 11:30 p.m. EST.
Tournament will begin August 11th 3 p.m. EST.
Tournament will end on August 12th.

Due to the limitations of, the tournament will not accurately display the correct number of matches per round for the day ("Best of X"). Please refer to the following schedule for how many matches per round to play on what days.

Saturday 11th:
Best of 3
3pm EST: Winner Round 1 - 2, Loser Round 1-3
Best of 5
7pm EST: Winner Round 3 - 4, Loser Round 4 - 6

Sunday 12th:
Best of 7
8pm EST: Finals Round 1

Keep up to date on changes here or on the BattlePro Discord Server. For any questions reach out to Max Extra here or on Discord. Max Extra#7777​


Total Prizes: $500


Evolved Coliseum
    Game Type:
  • Evolved Team Slayer
  • Evolved CTF 3-Flag
Evolved Eden
    Game Type:
  • Evolved Oddball
Evolved Geewiz
    Game Type:
  • Evolved Team Slayer
  • Evolved CTF 3-Flag
Evolved Calypso
    Game Type:
  • Evolved CTF 5-Flag
Evolved Checkmate
    Game Type:
  • Evolved Team Slayer
  • Evolved Oddball
Evolved Backlash
    Game Type:
  • Evolved Team Slayer
  • Evolved King of the Hill
Evolved Hoodlum
    Game Type:
  • Evolved King of the Hill
Evolved Analogue
    Game Type:
  • Evolved CTF 5-Flag

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Tournament Started

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Aug 11, 2018
Elimination Bracket: Double Elimination
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